second grade


First the second graders and I reviewed warm and cool colors

by mixing the color groups

on a swirly paper.

Next they made puzzle pieces cutting both papers at the same time.


They had to put their paper puzzle pieces back together

by gluing them in order 

warm then cool…

and they turned out very wacky and cool!




Would you?

Could you?




 For Seuss month the 2nd grade decided to

create green pizza 

rather than green eggs and ham.

Although we didn’t eat green pizza we had

fun turning our food art green.

Each student had to mix and make a different

shade of green for their food and drink.


Eric Carle’s,

Polar Bear, Polar Bear,

What Do You Hear?


After reading and admiring the picture in Eric Carle’s book and his other book

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

These 2nd grader’s made a painted paper using different kinds of brushes 

and only using cool colors.

In the next class students had to create a polar bear puzzle and cut out each piece of the bear and piece it back together on their own paper.  

The technique helped make it look like Eric Carle’s.


After studying where Ojos de Dios (God’s Eyes) come from students created their own weave using popsicle sticks.

They are not quite finished but are doing an awesome job weaving!

Here they are working hard!!!


Jack O’Lantern

After looking at the World’s Largest Pumpkin these 2nd graders created a mini pumpkin using newspaper, plaster, and of course paint for their creepy faces!


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