Mexico Wins!

Our students celebrated Cinco de Mayo by making these

large yet life-like chili peppers.



We discussed the history of the war between

France and Mexico.

Then made chili peppers with eyes, mouths, and yes hats!


The Rainbow Fish

After reading, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister,

these Kindergartners made a colorful fish with oil



Once they drew and colored 

2 fish they could add one sparkly fin,

like the story!


Finally they could add cool colors; blue, green,

and purple, for the water.


Pot of Gold!

For St. Patrick’s Day these Kindergartener’s

reviewed the colors of the rainbow 

and who could forget the pot of gold at the end

of the rainbow!



It’s Seuss month and in Kindergarten we read,

“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.”  

It was a tongue twister but we made it through all of the silly rhymes!

Next students drew a “Seuss” fish using their pencil, outlining in black crayon, and painting with watercolor.  


It was great practice and a great review of patterns while putting the red and blue stripes in the background.


After listening to “The Circle of Life,”

students were inspired to make

Savannah animals.

We looked at different animals from the Lion King but focused on


First they drew the long neck and made the details in the face using pastel.

Next we rediscovered orange

by painting with yellow and red watercolor.




After learning about Claude Monet these kinders made water using

cool colored tissue paper.

They had a great time ripping and tearing the paper before gluing.

Next they cut out their lilies and placed them over the water.


Kindergarten Hearts

After using yellow and red these kiddos continued their exploration of 

secondary colors while painting on top of a traced heart.  



Once the paint dried they were excited to see their heart and all of the colors!


This week we celebrated Chinese New Year!

The Kindergarten classes cut out a pre-made dragon head then had to add hair, eyes, and an hairdo using their traced hand.

Next they made a tail and spikes.

The best part, however is adding the sticks on the bottom allowing these dragons to celebrate the 

New Year!

Our Kindergartner’s!!!

They did an excellent job drawing themselves.

We discussed the shapes of our eyes

and the letters of our nose, d, b and a U.

We also looked our our hair, skin, and eye color so we could get the colors just right.

Then they explored with primary colors mixing and creating the rainbow background.

The Snowy Day

After reading and looking at the pictures of 

Ezra Jack Keats, “The Snowy Day,” 

students made their own snowy day!

First we made marble paper using paint and shaving cream.  The Kindergartener’s had a blast with the first step and it turned out really cool!

The following day we added our snow people made of paper and markers.


After studying the world map these Kindergarteners made the ocean 
by mixing different shades of blue.

Then they created the mayflower with paper and crayons.


After looking at the work of Grant Wood the Kindergarten classes created an Iowa landscape and left their handprint.  

Later we turned our handprint into a turkey for Thanksgiving!


In Kindergarten we have been learning our colors in English and Spanish.

We have also discovered the primary and secondary colors.

Each part of the flower is made with a secondary color.

It was also good practice cutting out ovals, rectangles, and circles.


In kindergarten we have been reviewing our shapes in English and Spanish.

First we practiced triangle and created these scary pumpkins.

Then we worked on rectangle and made these silly Frankensteins!


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