8th grade


After making the Picasso we looked at another artist

famous for cubism in photography 

named David Hockney.

Everyone took their own pictures from 

two different angles and 

reassembled them in order to create their own 

self-portrait ~ cubist style!


This was such a fun project that I had never done before this year!

First the 8th grade classes read about Pablo Picasso 

they were so impressed with the realistic paintings of his mother

and a little baffled by his abstract art.

We discussed cubism and students started to enjoy Picasso’s work…

so they made their own Picasso faces.

They chose one of their drawings

and made a sculpture out of recycling.


After cutting out 15 pieces for their head

and face they had to paint and glue them together.

How abstract!




Shapes on the Go! 

The 8th grade classes are diving into abstract art in the 3rd quarter.  

We began by looking at Robert Delaunay’s objects and students created their

own abstract world.


They created texture using art paste and painted with monochromatic colors.



Jim Dine Hearts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and so the 8th graders

read about Jim Dine’s hearts which represented his wife.

After reviewing warm and cool colors students

had to create hearts using blue tape and fill in the

hearts with pastel.




After reading and studying Chuck Close 

~Chuck Close~


these 8th graders created 2 grids like Close; 

one on a blank paper and one on a photograph.

Then they had to draw each box of the photograph onto the blank paper and 

shade using an ebony pencil.




In the spirit of Halloween these 8th grader’s created a mask.

They began with a mask mold but had to build on top of the mold with

recycling in order to get the characters they chose to create.



First our students surveyed different famous logos that they already knew from restaurants, clothing stores, and their favorite sport teams.

Next they had to create 10 different logos using the initials from their name.  Once they finished we looked at each logo together in order to choose the one that would work well as  a sculpture.

Using recycling from home they have built their logo into a sculpture and painted them using complementary color combinations.



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