1st grade

Box of Crayons

Students read:

While walking in a toy store
The day before today,
I over heard a Crayon Box
With many things to say.
“I don’t like red!” said Yellow.
And Green said, “Nor do I!”
And no one here likes Orange,
But no one knows quite why.
“We are a box of crayons
that really doesn’t get along,”
Said Blue to all the others.
“Something here is wrong!”
Well, I bought that box of crayons
And took it home with me
And laid out all the crayons
So the crayons could all see
They watched me as I colored
With Red and Blue and Green
And Black and White and Orange
And every color in between
They watched as Green became the grass
And Blue became the sky.
The Yellow sun was shining bright
On White clouds drifting by.
Colors changing as they touched,
Becoming something new.
They watched me as I colored.
They watched till I was through.
And when I’d finally finished,
I began to walk away.
And as I did the Crayon box
Had something more to say……..
“I do like Red! ” said the Yellow
And Green said, “So do I !”
And Blue you are terrific!
“So high up in the sky.”
“We are a Box of Crayons
Each of us unique,
But when we get together
The picture is complete”
                                – written by Shane DeRolf

The kids were so moved by the poem 

we decided to make our own box of crayons.

Each student represented the color of their choice

and made their name into their own crayon!


For Seuss month we read, 

The Cat in the Hat


We loved the goofy cat so much that we made our own!

First we painted the cat’s face onto a paper plate Seuss style.


Then we added red and white stripes

in order to make his famous hat! 





In the Valentine spirit our 1st graders looked at 

Robert Indiana’s, “LOVE” sculptures.

We also discussed the difference between a shape and a line.  

They had to separate their paper into 4 boxes.

Each box received a love letter along with different shapes.





by Helen Lester

After reading about the “odd” penguin Tacky students made their own Tacky’s!

They loved the story about being an individual and 

loved creating these cute penguins and snowflakes from recycled paper.

Martin Luther King Jr.

After studying Martin Luther King Jr. these 1st graders traced their hands in different shades of skin color.


Then they unified their hands with a rainbow behind.


After tracing their foot and hands these 1st graders created 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

Here he is!!!


These 1st graders first drew and painted Santa.

Then added glitter!

… and here he is.



These adorable cardinals were made by 1st graders.

First they drew the cardinals with pencil and

outlined with black marker.

Then they colored with oil pastels and

painted the background blue.

Painting the snow was the most fun!

Students splattered white paint to make it look as though it was

snowing on their cardinal.


We made a great discovery!

If you use water on top of markers the colors will blend together, which worked well when making turkey feathers out of coffee filters!

Then students used paper and googley eyes for these silly turkeys!


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